One Golf - When tradition meets fashion

ONP Golf was an idea shared by two friends who shared a passion for golf and design. We know that golfers have a desire to have the very best in the bag, the best performing clubs, the most beautiful bag, the best designed shoes and the latest clothes. But for some products that all golfers use, there are no alternatives, tired of the traditional white gloves, and the white wooden peg, ONE was created with a passion for developing and designing products that are in every golfer's bag.

The One PREMIUM BAMBU PEG - We not only give you a really nice peg that is incredibly unique - we also spend time developing it to be perfect. for example we have measured the perfect driving height so you do not have to stand and worry if you point too high or low. There we have asked 10 pros from different clubs what the ultimate height of the driver is. We understand that this is incredibly individual, but for the insecure, there is a standard level that is a good starting point when you line up on the tee. We have also tested several other pegs ranging from corn starch to wood to be sure to get the absolute best product, not only that it should be unique and designed but we investigated a major issue here - durability! Every year, about 70 million pegs (in Sweden alone) are used that are left on the track to destroy the machines from the club, but they also take a long time to break down. So we decided to do some testing; Bamboo is 1-3 times stronger than wood, faster biodegradable than wood and bamboo includes some of the fastest growing plants in the world. Bamboo can grow 910 mm in 24 hours.

Golf has an incredibly long tradition back in time. Unfortunately, the range of golf accessories feels just as old, outdated and uninspired. There are no alternatives for the modern golfer. One Golf is a Swedish golf brand that started in 2021. The ambition is to offer premium golf accessories with an extraordinary design. We want to be a driving force in developing golf into a more modern and environmentally friendly sport. We want to create the most beautiful and fashionable golf glove. With that in mind, we also wanted to create environmentally friendly and biodegradable golf pegs. Good for you - Good for the planet.

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